Posted on Tuesday, 30ᵗʰ May, 2023

Bite-sized dishes are becoming an increasingly important part of any menu as diners embrace small portions, light meals, bar snacks, eating on the go, and cost-effective options.

These versatile burger and burger-inspired sharing recipes check all the boxes for diners who are rediscovering the joy of sharing with friends and family, while also being on budget.

A brilliant combination of two of your punters’ favourites - burger and spring rolls, with plenty of oozy cheese and chipotle mayo dip.

In this recipe pork is slow braised or poached in a versatile master stock which can then be reused in other sauces and soups.

Rich bourbon and smoky chipotle go perfectly with crumbly blue cheese and crispy bacon in these mini bites.

These sliders pair crunchy fried chicken with fluffy toasted waffles for a sure-hit with the footy or brunch crowd.

It’s all the brekky favourites—eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese—in an easy, tasty bagel to go.

Marinate your firm tofu long enough to get the smooth nutty satay flavours to really infuse in these sliders.

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