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About us

We are Unilever Food Solutions

We're a foodservice business built by Chefs, for Chefs. Everything we do centers around making your life a little easier in the kitchen.

With over 300 Chefs in our global network and 7 in our local business, we’re here for you.

we're for U


We're Chefs for Chefs
We're here for support

Only a Chef knows what it takes to run a successful kitchen. That's why our business is full of Chefs. 

Our global network of 300 Chefs, including 16 locally, help source the best ingredients, develop quality products, create inspiring on-trend recipes, and provide training support. In fact, even our managing director is a Chef!

We're all here for you.

We're here for quality products

Our products are co-created with Chefs. So, it’s no surprise that our leading foodservice brands deliver quality without compromise in the kitchen.

With our innovative, professional ingredients you can save precious prep time whilst serving delicious food that makes a profit.

We're For Quality

Inspiring Recipes

Chef Training & Resources

We're here to inspire
We're here to inspire

Stay inspired and fuel your fire with the latest trends, recipes, techniques, and training for your commercial kitchen.

Check out local trend setters and get insights from around the world to keep your team firing.

Trends on Plate

A casual dining resource with trends, recipes, and master tips from leading industry chefs. Explore all Trends on Plate content and sign up to our newsletter for monthly updates.


RE:FRESH is an inspiration program for Aged Care Chefs with recipes, menu planning tips, expert advice, themed event ideas, video tutorials and more.

Café 360

The go-to online destination for Café owners and operators to find inspiration, recipes, training and to connect.

We're for fair kitchens
We're here for people progress

Unilever food Solutions is a proud partner of Fair Kitchens – a global  movement to inspire better kitchen culture.

Please recycle

Moving forward, Unilever Food Solutions products that are recyclable will carry the “please recycle” logo, inviting our customers and consumers to come on this journey with us. We are also continuing to work closely with our suppliers and partners to help create recycling solutions where these do not already exist.