Posted on Friday, 22ⁿᵈ July, 2022

Embrace the fare that makes you feel good

No matter what’s happening in the world, there will always be a place for comfort food. But that doesn’t mean chefs can’t get creative with classic flavours and ingredients. Starter dishes offer great scope for kitchens to have some fun, with favourites from years past and create on-trend twists for modern diners.

Delicious starter | Tacos De Cameron
Getting back to the basics with Beef Croquettes

Getting back to the basics

Chefs can capitalise on a yearning for the dishes of yesteryear with entrées and starters that peel back complexity, and deliver feel-good familiarity. Right now chefs are creating modern takes on classics such as cheesy fondues, beer battered fish, bruschetta, vol au vents and croquettes to the cheers of diners.

KNORR Intense Flavours

Get creative with the KNORR Intense Flavours range. Made from an authentic blend of natural ingredients, these 100% vegan liquid seasonings have been created using real, time-consuming culinary techniques.

French onion soup

A great winter-warmer, this French onion soup recipe has a delicious umami depth and is simple to make.

Beetroot-cured gravlax

Diners will marvel at the striking colour and sweet, earthy flavours of our beetroot-cured gravlax - a classic Scandinavian salmon dish.

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