Ingredients per serve



  • Thick cut rump cap steaks 10.0 x
  • Olive oil 150.0 ml
  • Sea salt 10.0 g

Bourbon Peppercorn Jus

The beauty of picanha is in its rich, robust flavour whilst being a relatively cheap cut. Taken from the top of the rump, this steak is tender and juicy, with a signature thick layer of fat — this is not to be trimmed too much, as it's part of the picanha's appeal. But make sure you cook it well to render and caramalise the fat, then serve with a punchy bourbon peppercorn jus.



  1. Steak

    • Mix the oil and sea salt until fully combined. Massage well into the steak. Cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
  2. Bourbon Peppercorn Jus

    • Heat bourbon in a pan for a minute. Add 500 ml of water and bring to the boil. Whisk in KNORR Jus Gluten Free and KNORR Tomato Powder, and cook for 3–4 minutes, whisking continuously until smooth. Stir through peppercorns, cook for another 2 minutes, then set aside and keep warm.
  3. To Serve

    • Heat a grill to high. Place steaks on the grill and cook the fat side down until golden brown and well rendered. Cook steaks for 3–4 minutes on each side until a rich golden-brown crust has formed. Remove and rest.
    • Serve steaks with bourbon peppercorn jus and a side of hot chips.