Posted on Wednesday, 22nd June, 2022

Diners seek healthier seasonings

The momentum behind eating better seems unstoppable as 2022 witnesses a new set of healthy food trends going mainstream. Chief among them is a growing awareness of artificial flavour enhancers, with kitchens now embracing additive-free condiments, pastes, sauces and dressings in greater numbers.

Diners seek healthier seasonings
Exploring alternatives to artificial flavours

Exploring alternatives to artificial flavours

From exotic African and South American spice mixes to the fabulous, fermented flavours of tamari, chimichurri and gochujang, there is no shortage of exciting, natural flavours to explore. Also on the rise are immunity-boosting botanicals and natural sweeteners, such as raisins, citrus and mango.

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Beetroot risotto with labneh

Discover the incredible natural flavour of soft Lebanese cheese in our recipe for Beetroot risotto with labneh.

Saffron and preserved lemon risotto

Our recipe for Saffron and preserved lemon risotto combines the legendary spice with a wink of fresh citrus.

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