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The good news is that many winter vegetables, rich in antioxidants, are at their best. They include leafy greens: Brussel sprouts, Spinach and Silver beet. Adding these to meals will help your residents to get the important nutrients. Here is a list of other fruit and vegetables in season:


Apples | Avocados | Bananas | Custard Apples | Dates | Kiwifruit | Lemons | Mandarins | Oranges | Passionfruit | Pears | Quince | Rhubarb | Strawberries




Beetroot | Broccoli | Brussel Sprouts | Cabbage | Carrots | Cauliflower | Celeriac | Celery | Fennel | Kale | Leeks | Onions | Okra | Parsnips | Potatoes | Pumpkin | Silver beet | Spinach | Swede | Sweet Potato | Turnips | Witlof | Thyme 



Spotlight on Pumpkins

Winter is the perfect time for roasts and beautiful in-season roast pumpkin is the ideal accompaniment to them.  

Butternut Pumpkin

A very common variety that has a sweet butt flavour and firm skin. It can be roasted by itself or with other vegetables and used in casseroles, curries and even stir fries.


A large pumpkin with a bluey-grey skin. Ideal for roasting as well as soups and pumpkin mash.


Sometimes referred to as a “Japanese Pumpkin”, it actually stands for “just another pumpkin”. It has a nutty flavour and is also easy to peel. Perfect for roasts.


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