American food today is an eclectic mix, widely based on immigrant influences, regional produce and traditions. American cuisine is an adaptation of traditional ethnic recipes that have been remastered into a new genre of American cooking.

It is easy to define the traditional cuisine of certain countries because their food and recipes are indigenous of the region, often derived out of necessity or a means for survival, with the ingredients gathered from the land or sea.

America, on the other hand, is a country whose culture is a mix from many other countries, and hence it has a broader range of traditional cuisines. The land of the free and brave is also home to some of the boldest, tastiest, meatiest food on earth. The country has established several dishes that are considered quintessential examples of the simple and authentic American food tradition.


American food at its best
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The All-American Barbecue

Americans are famous for their big cookouts featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, and coleslaw. Cookout food also includes juicy barbecued ribs on the grill and chicken and brisket in the smoker slow cooking to tender perfection.

Wholesome Southern Cooking

Born ‘Down South’ this American food tradition features fried chicken, biscuits, chicken and dumplings, chicken-fried steak and gravy, fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits. These good ol’ Southern dishes are popular all across the country! Other favourites include cornbread and corn pudding which are often served during Thanksgiving.

Steak and Potatoes

The American steakhouse is the perfect example of this country's love of beef. A grilled rib-eye with a side of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach is quintessentially American.

Seafood Specials

American cuisine boasts of some of the best shellfish dishes including the New England clambake, Maine lobster, clam chowder, crab cakes and crab boils.

Sinful Desserts

Red velvet cake, cherry pie, pecan pie, and key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, smores, Boston cream pie and more. Americans love their dessert and lots of it!


Experiment with bold American flavours in the kitchen
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Honey Soy Chipotle Pork Belly is a heady experiment with the sweet and smokey BBQ flavours, brought together with the KNORR Chinese Honey Soy Sauce. The Suon Ram Mongolian American Ribs takes on complex Asian flavours enhanced by the KNORR Chinese Mongolian Sauce.

Pulled Pork Loaded Fries  gives crispy golden crinkle cut fries a true American spin by throwing some pork on em! Speaking of pork, the Tea Glazed Pork Neck  with reduced ice tea, gives this lip-smacking dish a rich, distinct flavour. American cuisine never disappoints. It's an adventure that dishes up a true melting pot of tastes and flavours.


Who’s doing Americana well?

Mary’s Newtown, Sydney - Excellent burgers, chicken fries, mash and well-stocked bar, Mary’s menu is packed with punchy flavours.

Bare Grill - Surry Hills, Sydney - Don’t miss their trademark branded burgers, huge ribs, fresh salads, epic fries and raclette cheese topping on just about everything.
Bare Grill offers the best of American cuisine.

Federal Delicatessen - Federal Street, Auckland - Auckland's very own take on an old-school NYC Jewish delicatessen. Don't miss their specialty meats, gourmet sandwiches and pie by the slice!

Miss Moonshine’s, Ponsonby: Who could ask for more with slow-cooked, wood-smoked, quality Kiwi meat, be it 8-hour beef short rib and brisket, pulled pork with moonshine sauce or beer-can chicken.

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