Posted on Friday, 11th March, 2022

Diner preferences are on the move

Driven by the twin forces of health and environmentalism, meat consumption has been in steady decline for more than a decade. In fact, the OECD predicts beef consumption in Australia to hit a record low of 19kgs per capita in 2022, while in New Zealand it will drop to just 11kgs in 2022.

Diner preferences are on the move
Meat is moving to the side plate

Meat is moving to the side plate

The challenge for chefs is to continue delivering the flavour hit in their dishes without a massive serving of meat. Only 1 in 10 people choose to completely forgo meat, so adopting the ‘veggies-with-a-side-of-meat’ philosophy is one approach. The other is to create incredible plant-based dishes that make no compromise on taste or interest.

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KNORR Tomato Powder


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