Posted on Tuesday, 21ˢᵗ July, 2023

For many, sharing offers the chance to go flavour-grazing without overdoing the food intake, and can be a cost-effective way to enjoy steak. Plus, complementing your steak with plant-based sides can give diners a well-rounded and nutritious meal.

These on-trend recipes offer the best of both worlds: indulgent meaty satisfaction but that is lighter on the stomach and the wallet, with share plates and exciting on-trend salads to meet the modern diner needs. 

Steak for Sharing Platters

Tender and juicy rump cap steak, cooked well to caramalise the fat and served with a punchy bourbon peppercorn jus. 

Serve with a simple mash to let the flavours of this traditional Mexican tomato-based sauce really stand out.

This steak and slaw dish is drizzled with plenty of hummus, so every strip of scotch fillet catches all that flavour.

The near-perfect marbling of fat in this cut makes it tender and flavourful, and goes beautifully with bourbon jus.

Steak for Modern Palates

A colourful and versatile salad that makes a perfect main course. Sprinkle Knorr Tomato Powder over the steak for a dash of zest before cooking.

Sirloin is one great cut to serve in a classic steak salad like this, and can ground the complex flavours of tart balsamic, woody beetroot, and tangy goat’s cheese.

This recipe uses Knorr Thai Sweet Chilli Jam as both glaze for the steak and flavoured mayo for the slaw to bring in a punch of sweet heat throughout.

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