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Serve up the most authentic Japanese flavors with Chef Jishan's free training for Chefs. Get a feel for Japanese cuisine and cooking!

An Introduction & Ingredients


Introduction & Ingredients

Chef Jishan Ferdous at Machiya shares dishes inspired by Japan's simple home-cooking using traditional ingredients and staple sauces.

Yaki Udon


Yaki Udon - Part 1

Chef Jishan Ferdous begins with Yaki Udon – a one-pan noodle dish serving up authentic Japanese flavours to a traditional stir-fry.

Yaki Udon


Yaki Udon - Part 2 

Chef Jishan Ferdous demonstrates how to combine your Udon noodles with traditional sauces and colourful-doses of fresh vegetables with garnishes to complete the dish.

Prepping & cooking Tonkatsu


Prepping & Cooking Tonkatsu

Learn how to prep and cook Tonkatsu – a deep-fried loin steak battered in panko bread crumbs.

Plating & dressing Tonkatsu


Plating & Dressing Tonkatsu

Chef Jishan Ferdous demonstrates the plating process for Tonkatsu, from accompanying sauces to a sweet ginger dressing and crisp shredded cabbage.