Posted on Thursday, 20ᵗʰ April, 2023

Diner tastes are always evolving, but some dietary preferences and health choices remain important for us to satisfy.

Try expanding your schnitzel menu to include these delicious, on-trend options that would appeal to your more health-conscious diners. Even old faves are ripe for reinvention, and the classic chicken schnitzel can taste just as good using a cauliflower steak or super seed crumb.

A delicious vegetarian schnitzel option with silky flesh of eggplant encased in a crispy golden crumb.

Plant-based, nutrient-rich cauliflower gets the schnitzel treatment with a crispy coating and Mexican dipping sauce.

Perceived-healthier and on-trend quinoa flakes impart a nutty aroma and fluffy texture for one great schnitzel.

Add interest to your schnitzel with a super seed mix of flax, pumpkin, sesame and chia for a unique crispy texture.

Knorr Potato Flakes are a great gluten-free crumb option and will give your schnitzel a crispy golden crust.

Almond meal and za’atar spices combine to bring a zesty, nutty crunch to your schnitzel. Top with a Moroccan-style gravy. 

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