Posted on Friday, 23ʳᵈ February, 2024

As one of the 5 classic French 'mother' sauces, Hollandaise has always been used as a canvas for flavour exploration and creativity.

Our executive chef Andrew Ballard has developed these 10 diverse, on-trend signature hollandaise based sauces that will help you add variety and a 'wow' factor to your eggs Benny menu. 

Blood oranges transforms classic hollandaise into a citrusy, fresh sauce.

Give the traditional hollandaise a spicy, smoky BBQ twist.

Ground red pepper adds a piquant flavour and mild heat to rich hollandaise.

Hollandaise gets a spicy, tangy kick from fermented chilli peppers.

This variation is made by adding tomato sauce to a classic hollandaise.

A vibrant sauce with an earthy sweetness that will stand out on any plate.

Blend fresh garden herbs to elevate hollandaise into a light, fragrant sauce.

An on-trend combination of brown butter and miso gives this sauce extra umami.

Aerate your hollandaise to create an elegant, fluffy, and lighter version.

The ideal breakfast sauce with cheesy, savoury flavours.

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