Ingredients per serve


Sweet Potato Quinoa Patties

  • Sweet potato, peeled and roughly chopped 1.0 kg
  • Cooked quinoa 360.0 g
  • Thyme sprigs 8.0 x
  • Egg, lightly beaten 1.0 x
  • Plain flour 125.0 g

Chilli Hollandaise

  • KNORR Hollandaise Sauce Gluten Free 1L 1.0 l
  • Bottled hot chilli in oil 60.0 g


  • Extra virgin olive oil 40.0 ml
  • Garlic cloves, crushed 2.0 x
  • Portobello mushrooms, sliced 10.0 x


  • Eggs 20.0 x

To Serve

  • Grilled asparagus, to serve
  • Roasted tomatoes, to serve

A vegetarian version of a breakfast classic your customers are sure to enjoy, with fried mushrooms, grilled asparagus and roasted tomatoes topped with crispy Asian chilli oil and creamy Hollandaise sauce.



  1. Sweet Potato Quinoa Patties

    • Steam sweet potato until soft then mash until smooth. Mix with cooked quinoa, thyme leaves, egg, flour, salt and cracked black pepper until fully combined.
    • Form into 20 small patties, then cover and refrigerate for 45 minutes.
    • Shallow fry sweet potato quinoa patties until golden brown and heated through then drain on paper towel.
  2. Chilli Hollandaise

    • Gently warm KNORR Hollandaise Sauce GF in a pan. Add hot chilli in oil and stir until the sauce is well-combined and warmed through. Cover and keep warm.
  3. Mushrooms

    • Mix together olive oil with garlic and season. Gently toss with mushrooms.
    • Heat a little extra oil in a large frying pan on medium heat. Cook mushrooms until golden. Remove and keep warm.
  4. Eggs

    • Add a little vinegar to a pan of simmering water, around 5 cm deep. Crack eggs into a cup or ladle. Create a whirlpool in the water and gently drop the eggs. Poach for around 3 minutes for a traditional runny yolk. Remove and keep warm.
  5. To Serve

    • Place the fried patties on serving plates and top with mushrooms, two eggs and a spoonful of the chilli hollandaise. Drizzle with a little extra hot chilli in oil and serve with grilled asparagus and roasted tomatoes.
    The best bottled hot chilli in oil to use in this recipe is Lao gan ma. Available in most supermarkets and asian grocers it is a traditional Chinese condiment containing dried red chillies and Sichuan pepper in soybean oil along with peanuts for extra flavour and texture.