Ingredients per serve



  • Desiree potatoes 2.0 kg
  • Onion 200.0 g
  • Butter 60.0 g

Saffron Hollandaise

To Serve

  • Eggs 20.0 x
  • Baby spinach 500.0 g
  • Hot smoked salmon fillet 1.0 kg

Potato rosti is a great alternative base to a traditional English muffin or another toast option for eggs benedict. Saffron threads will add a touch of indulgence to the hollandaise sauce too.



  1. Rosti

    • Peel and coarsely grate potatoes and place in a large colander. Coarsely grate onion add to colander. Using hands squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
    • Transfer to a large bowl, add melted butter and stir to combine. Season well.
    • Shape mixture into ten rounds and shallow fry in a large pan for 3-4 minutes each side or until golden and cooked through. As they are cooking, flatten cakes slightly into rounds about 8cm in diameter. Drain and keep warm
  2. Saffron Hollandaise

    • Combine saffron threads with 20 ml boiling water. Set aside to cool then mix together with KNORR Hollandaise Sauce and chopped dill.
  3. To Serve

    • Poach eggs.
    • Sauté baby spinach and season.
    • Arrange rosti on serving plates. Top with spinach, flaked smoked salmon and eggs. Pour over saffron hollandaise.