Ingredients per serve


Katsu Chicken

  • Chicken thigh fillet 1.5 kg
  • Plain flour 200.0 g
  • Eggs 6.0 x
  • Panko bread crumbs 400.0 g

Smashed Avocado

Katsu Sauce


  • Carrots 100.0 g
  • White cabbage 450.0 g
  • Red onions 100.0 g
  • Sugar 50.0 g
  • Rice vinegar 80.0 ml

To Serve

  • Burger buns 10.0 x

This is crispy chicken, Japanese style, doing the tango with smashed avocado, a la Americana, for a cross culture flavour trend.



  1. Katsu Chicken

    • Coat the chicken in flour, egg then breadcrumbs. Fry at 160 degree Celsius until cooked through and golden.
  2. Smashed Avocado

    • Combine avocado, HELLMAN'S Ranch Dressing and KNORR Lime Powder together and lightly crush. Set aside for use.
  3. Katsu Sauce

    • CombineKNORR Japanese Teriyaki Sauce GF and KNORR American Chipotle BBQ Sauce GFtogether and set aside for use.
  4. Slaw

    • Shred the carrot, cabbage and onions, combine together, add sugar and rice vinegar.
  5. To Serve

    • Cut and grill the buns and assemble the sandwich in the following order – bun base, avocado, slaw, chicken, sauce and top bun.