1. Beef Ribs

    • Combine KNORR American Chipotle BBQ Sauce with KNORR Intense Flavours Deep Smoke and cooled coffee. Pour over the beef ribs. Marinate for 1 hour. 
    • Drain the ribs. Cook sous vide at 70 degree Celsius for 24 hours.
  2. Glaze

    • Once the ribs are cooked sous vide, drain the juices from the bag into a pan and reduce for 5 minutes. 
    • Brush ribs liberally with the reduced glaze. Char-grill or roast until deep brown.
  3. Mash

    • Combine 4 g salt and 500 ml of water and bring it to boil. Remove from heat and add 250 ml of milk. Add 125 g KNORR Potato Flakes and whisk into milk mixture. Allow to stand for 2-3 minutes, then whisk again.
  4. To Serve

    • Divide the ribs between serving plates. Drizzle with extra glaze. Serve with potato mash, sautéed red cabbage and char-grilled fennel.
  5. Tip

    • As beef ribs are rather big in size, one per serve should be enough for diners as it has plenty of meat on it.