The poor old standard schnitzel can be boring and can drive a good chef batty due to the time needed to make them. Let’s be honest, they don’t come across as the most prettiest dish. However, you do have a choice to turn them into beautiful works of art to create super loaded schnitties. Much more fun! If it’s good for chefs to experiment with burgers then what’s wrong with doing it for schnitzels? 


Don’t bore the hell out of your diners with just chicken schnitzels.

Mix it up and keep things interesting by using different meats for texture, taste and variety. Make sure you choose your cut of meat wisely, otherwise it can be tough chewing for your customers.

So when it comes to schnitzels we reckon the following applies... Chicken is good! Beef is good! Lamb is good! Pork is good! Do it! It’s good!


For a 100% gluten free schnitzel, use cornmeal instead of bread crumbs. Just as crunchy and fries golden brown.

Feel free to throw some extra goodness in the mix, like chopped flat-leaf parsley or sage, grated lemon rind, parmesan etc. Go nuts!

Crumbing is a messy job but well worth the effort. The trick is not to dip eggy fingers into the crumbs. Repeat 100 times and your hands will resemble some sort of freaky kitchen experiment.

Throw in the fryer and you’re good to go.


Schnitzels need love and attention right to the end. Cooked not too hot or not too cold but just right. Kind of like goldilocks.

Cook in your fryer at 160°C for that perfect, succulent, juicy, tasty, tender, crispy delightfulness, without the oiliness.

Who said schnitzels are not awesome!

There’s surf and turf, then there’s plucky and prawn. Got the same idea so should be a hit!

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This super schnitzel is a little American inspired with maple and waffles, but I dare anyone to try and resist this divine gastronomic delight!

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Give roast lamb a run for its money with this beauty. Your customers may never eat lamb as a roast again!

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