Ingredients per serve


Avocado Mayo Sauce


  • Marinated Tofu (Mix of Oyster Sauce, Rice Vinegar, Sesame Oil, Light Soy Sauce and Sugar) 400.0 g
  • Quinoa, cooked 600.0 g
  • Cucumber slices, sliced thinly 20.0 x
  • Slaw – Assorted Carrots and Cucumber, Julienned 200.0 g
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved 300.0 g

To Serve

  • Watercress 50.0 g
  • Chervil 20.0 g

Blending textures and flavours, this Buddha bowl makes a lovely light lunch. With plenty of fresh ingredients, and a rich avocado mayo sauce, made with HELLMANN’S Vegan Mayo, this dish couldn’t be much sunnier.



  1. Avocado Mayo Sauce

    • Add the HELLMANN’S Vegan Mayo into a blender.
    • Add the avocado, garlic, shallots and lime juice.
    • Blend to a smooth sauce, and season to taste.
  2. Salad

    • Grill the marinated tofu until charred and cooked through.
    • Season the cooked quinoa with some olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice & zest.
  3. To Serve

    • Assemble by portioning each ingredient per part of the bowl.
    • Spoon the avocado mayo sauce into a small bowl placed in the centre of the salad. Top with lime zest.
    • Garnish with the watercress and chervil.