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Plant-based dishes don't have to be all green! This vibrant burger recipe consists of a golden lentil patty on fresh lettuce and savoury KNORR Italiana Tuscan Vegetable Sauce, topped with pickled onions, heirloom tomatoes and creamy HELLMANN'S Vegan Mayonnaise, all in a charcoal bun.



  1. What you need

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  2. Pickled Onions

    • Combine white wine vinegar, water and sugar. Stir to dissolve.
    • Add sliced onions and set aside to pickle.
    • Before using, drain onions and squeeze to remove excess liquid.
  3. Patties

    • Deep fry lentil patties until golden brown. Drain and keep warm.
  4. To Assemble

    • Spread base of charcoal buns with KNORR Italiana Tuscan Vegetable Sauce.
    • Top with mixed lettuce, lentil patty, tomato slices, and pickled onions.
    • Spread charcoal bun lids with HELLMANN'S Vegan Mayonnaise, then top off the stack.
    • Serving suggestion: Serve with hot fries and extra KNORR Italiana Tuscan Vegetable Sauce on the side for dipping.