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  • Chicken, breast 1.5 kg


Bread and Fillings

  1. Chicken

    • Slice the chicken breast through the center, so cooking time is decreased. Grill on a preheated flat top grill until cooked through, keep hot.
  2. Mayonnaise

    • Combine the HELLMANNS Real Mayonnaise, lemon juice and rind together.
  3. Bread and Fillings

    • Slice the bun through the centre and toast until golden, keep hot.
    • Build the burger in the following order - bottom bun, lemon mayo, lettuce, sundried tomato, avocado, grilled chicken, KNORR Portuguese Peri Peri Sauce GFand toasted top bun.
  4. To Serve

    • Serve with fresh cooked sweet potato chips.