Ingredients per serve


Thai sweet chilli jam sauce

Kangaroo Steak or Fillet

  • Kangaroo loin steaks or fillet 1.5 kg

Kangaroo meat is growing in popularity. It is lean, has a rich game flavour and is best served rare or medium rare. The Thai Sweet Chilli Jam Gravy matches perfectly with rich gamey Kangaroo Steak and is sure to be a hit on the menu.



  1. Thai sweet chilli jam sauce

    • Combine KNORR Golden Roast Gravy and 500 ml warm water. Whisk together and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Stir through KNORR Thai Sweet Chilli Jam.
  2. Kangaroo Steak or Fillet

    • Season kangaroo meat. Grill until done to your liking. Allow to rest.
  3. To serve

    • Serve kangaroo steaks or fillets drizzled with sweet chilli jam sauce accompanied with Asian greens, pickled vegetables and steamed rice.