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Yes, beer is not gluten free, but those who choose the healthier GF meal, commonly allow themselves this one indulgence, because beer. We understand.

Choose the right beer to go with your dish and you can create something close to flavour heaven. From fresh lagers to meaty porters, there is a rich palette of flavours that will either complement, contrast or cleanse. This is why beer pairing is gaining popularity in venues around the country. Adding pairing suggestions to your Reinvented Classics menu will lift your dishes and plaster smiles on your diners faces.


Bring out the best in your classics.

The beer and food pairing movement is here to stay, so to start you on your beer journey of refreshing research, use this basic guide to beer flavour profiles and suggested pairings.

These days there is no shortage of varieties and options, so have a chat to your bar manager, arrange a tasting, get drinking and get inspired! 


The popularity of lager and pilsner come from their light, refreshing, easy drinking qualities. Great for cutting through greasy food and spices.

Serve with: 

flavours like seafood or roast chicken.


This refreshing European style beer is unique in its spicy, fruity aroma, full flavour and cloudy appearance. Easy drinking, especially on a hot day!

Serve with: 

lighter style dishes, like prawns or salads.


With a bit more body and fruity character than a lager, the very popular Pale Ale is still easy drinking on a sunny afternoon.

Serve with: 

fish and chips, barbecued meats and prawns.


British and American IPA’s are all the rage currently. The main characteristic is an aggressively bitter hoppiness, with malty or fruity undertones. 

Serve with: 

big flavours such as herby, salty or spicy dishes.


Less hops and more malt means a fuller, darker and less bitter beer. Better for cooler weather and still subtle enough to pair with most meaty dishes.

Serve with: 

rich, meaty dishes like pies, roasts and steaks.


The dark and heavy end of the spectrum, with deep malt flavours and full bodied mouthfeel. Great for sipping on a cold day.

Serve with: 

oysters, cheese, smoked meats and spicy dishes.

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