SALAD. Not actually a cuss word.

Salads are a traditional feature of the American culinary landscape, and you can bet your britches they ain’t boring.

These days modern, exciting, on-trend salads are essential on any American inspired menu.

Why not give Caesar salad a run for its money with delicious sticky BBQ beef, all tossed in some fresh greens and corn? Put it in bold letters on your menu like the salad boss you are!

American BBQ Beef Salad

What is it about Hawaii and pineapples? Who knows but, oh boy, they go perfectly with prawns, err…shrimp. I wanted to make a kind of cocktail sauce and used KNORR Pronto Napoli instead of ketchup. To tell you the truth, I’m not using ketchup ever again!

If you have some meat that’s been low and slow smoked, you can pretty much do Americana. I guess that gives me a licence to throw in some smoked chicken with fresh ingredients, toss in a bowl with some good ol’ HELLMANN's Ranch Dressing and call her salad.

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