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Grease is in when it comes to dude food.

The humble chicken and chips, hamburger, nachos, fish and chips, dumplings and hotdogs all of a sudden with a revamp and some crockery are suitable for even the tie wearing inner city professional's not just hard working tradies.

It's the working class food that is now the trend for cool inner city hipsters who would normally be eating fillet mignon with shaved truffle. Throw in a trendy diner with its walls stripped back with rusty doors and it's the place to be seen. Burgers on a milk bun brioche have food bloggers taste buds tantalised and telling anyone and everyone who takes notice the best burgers around in Sydney.

Street food, pop ups and diners/cafes that specialise in only doing burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, ribs but never all four have earmarked a real specialisation in something quite simple and customers are the winners.

Dude food is all about the protein, large steaks, massive burger patties, battered deep fried chicken, along with plenty of cheese and sauce which takes us back to our roots of greasy takeaway food with a gourmet twist and reminds us that "fat is flavour".

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