Hundreds of years of cultural influence from other countries – Arabian, Mediterranean and European – have created the diverse Moroccan food we know today. Spices play an integral part, and the balancing of these complex flavours is an art that goes a long way back. 

Think olive oil, lemon, wheat, fruit, cinnamon, saffron and ginger. Think secondary cuts of meat, slow cooked until tender in a tagine. Think social, communal gatherings full of laughter... and be generous – Moroccan is all about sharing.

Here are two interesting recipes to spice up your menu.


Moroccan Boscaiola

Spaghetti, al dente, gets a whole new tantalizing taste when mixed with bacon, mushroom, brown onions and
KNORR Moroccan Sauce.

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Moroccan Spiced Roast

Go big and bold with the Moroccan flavours enhanced by KNORR Moroccan Sauce and bake low and slow for a
perfect tender leg of lamb.

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