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With a locally famous chai, award-winning Campos coffee and food that hits the spot, there’s many reasons to experience the quaint charm of Gertrude & Alice at Bondi. Find out more as we get up close and personal with Jordan, partner and fellow food pro.


Everyone has a passion and a pet peeve. Find out firsthand what fuels Jordan’s passion for being part of his café bookshop and what he’d like to do less of! 

What are the best parts of cafe life?


Jordan, partner at Gertrude & Alice, gives us the inside info on what his menu faves are. Spoiler alert: one comes smashed on a plate and the other is heart-warming, nourishing bowlful of goodness.

What's favourite dish?


 If you’re wondering if social makes sense for your café, listen as Jordan gets vocal about what he thinks works and why it does.

How important is social media?