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Every café menu is sure to have its traditional start-me-ups – eggs benedict, pancakes and good ol’ fashioned fry-ups. These breakfast staples will always have their takers – so why not add some excitement to your brekkie menu by giving trendier options a try?

You don't have to overhaul your kitchen

Done well, the menu will be a hit with your adventurous customers, who will appreciate the diversity of an updated menu. And your staff will also enjoy having something different to serve.

Here are a few new breakfast trends to consider:

Salad day-starters
Fresh salad

Yes. You read that right. Salads. Conventionally plated for lunch and dinner are increasingly popular on modern breakfast menus.

Fresh leafy greens, think kale and spinach, toss in some cooked quinoa, top it off with a poached egg and you’ve got a refreshingly healthy way to start the day. Up the taste factor by adding in avocado and cherry tomatoes, and top it off with a drizzle of KNORR Balsamic Glaze.

Slurps to go

The go-to choice for people on-the-go, smoothies are all the rage and are getting even more exotic and extravagant. 

You can give your smoothies a twist by adding:

  • Banana, oats, almond milk, vanilla and a shot of espresso
  • Blueberry, strawberry, Greek yoghurt, chia seeds and soy milk
  • Orange juice, pineapple and baby spinach

 Or go your way and try new ingredients to make your blend more appealing.

Brekkie with bread

Give your traditional bacon and eggs a lift by swapping out the standard white bread, replacing it with brioche or croissant. A simple addition with little or no extra effort. You can charge an extra couple of bucks too!

Don’t forget to offer the above as a sandwich option, perfect as takeaway for customers on the go!

Other things you can try are an eggs bene sandwich, a sausage filled option and a grilled version with avocado, tomato and cheese for vegetarians. A scoop of KNORR Tomato Chilli Relish will add a pop of spice.

Make it fancy

Smashed avocado is all the rage so make sure you feature that on your menu. Avocado with everything! Don’t forget that avocados can cost up to $3 each so charge accordingly.

Don’t give ½ an avocado for $1 otherwise you are losing money!

Add KNORR Hollandaise or KNORR Tomato Chilli Relish to any breakfast and lunch item. They are perfect sauces for your café and can be used in so many ways. See our recipes section on ufs.com.

Cronuts, doughnuts and bagels

Cronuts and doughnuts are still popular but authentic NY boiled and grilled bagels are starting to take the spotlight and come in many different flavours. Lightly toasted with a lovely chewy texture, its the perfect morning snack with Lipton tea or coffee.

French toast twist

Traditional toppings for French toast include maple syrup, berries and even cream. But you can give it a twist by mixing it up with parmesan, tomato and bacon, and a spread of KNORR Garde d'Or Hollandaise sauce for a burst of flavour!

Be creative. Try something new. But don't ditch the fry-up. Some breakfast habits last forever.

Take a look at our recipe section more menu inspiration.