While what’s on your menu is incredibly important, it is the experience customers have from the minute they walk in, to the minute they exit, that counts.

And any seasoned café owner will tell you that the key to running a successful café is having the right staff. They work well together, are happier, more efficient and less likely to leave. But most importantly, they help keep your customers happy. 

However, ensuring seamless front and back of house interaction doesn't happen by accident. So, here are five suggestions for your staff to work smarter and safer:

Make food safety number one

According to Food Standards in Australia and Food Safety in New Zealand, food businesses have a responsibility to produce food that is safe and suitable for customer consumption.

Training your staff on safe storage, handling and serving food means there is less risk of your customers eating something that is contaminated – while avoiding the damage that it can do to your reputation.

Pay attention to staff health & safety

Kitchen staff are at high risk of injury due to burns, falls, electric shocks and cuts. They often work in crowded, confined spaces and are under a lot of pressure, so there is a high risk of accidents.

Make sure all your staff understand what causes injury and how to prevent it with an accredited Work Health and Safety course. Once they can identify and minimise hazards, they will be less likely to take time off work due to preventable incidents.

Here are some resources that will help:

Train them on First Aid

Even with the right health and safety training, accidents happen. Having a basic understanding of First Aid can mean the difference between a minor injury and a serious one.

Providing basic training for your staff means they'll know how to respond in case of an emergency. Organisations like the Red Cross and St. Johns Ambulance provide basic first aid certifications across Australia and New Zealand.

Equip them with the right skills

Make sure new staff are trained to use your equipment. Having a good understanding of the equipment they use every day means they'll be able to make the most of all the functions, improving quality and efficiency.

Incorporate ongoing learning

Most staff do the bulk of their learning on the job. But there is still value in sending them out for refreshers from industry training bodies. They'll be able to learn new techniques and trends that can add extra value to your business – helping grow your customer base and your reputation.

There are several cost-effective hospitality courses from accredited training providers. Taking advantage of them means your business is compliant with legislation and will improve the on-the-job confidence and abilities of your staff.

Here are a few training resources you can consider:

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