Working in a café can be exhausting, so your time off is precious. Unfortunately, your ‘weekends’ are often weekdays, when many of your friends are at their 9 to 5 jobs – leaving you, with a lot of time on your hands.

You can play that to your advantage though with these fun ways to get some R&R when you go solo.


Get a massage

After long hours on your feet and bearing the brunt of any heavy lifting, your body can get pretty tense. A nice long massage is a great way to get the knots out and relax. It’s the perfect antidote to a hectic week. 

Head to the beach or go for a walk

Do not underestimate what the sea and sun can do for you. The human body is mostly water and it is well known that the sea has a calming and grounding effect on our bodies and minds. It’s also a fun way to get a generous dose of Vitamin D, for that feel-good feeling. So, if you have access to a beach, get out for a surf, a swim or simply sit and watch the ocean. Or go for a walk and soak up those rays. And always remember to slip-slop-slap.


Turn the tables

After a week of making sure that your tables are taken care of, it’s time to sit back and let someone else take care of you. Check out the new eateries in your area and treat yourself to a relaxing meal while someone waits on you.

Let it go

Cafés are considered high pressure work environments. So it might be a good idea to spend time calming your mind and letting go of any lingering stress. This will not only help you enjoy your time off but will keep you rooted through the next week at work.



Take a class, learn a new skill or study – take your mind to somewhere completely new and find a new passion. Sometimes these can be helpful for work as well. Take a photography course, learn to paddle-board, or take up juggling.

Get some big screen time

Many cinemas offer cheaper prices for weekday screenings. So you can enjoy big screen entertainment at wallet friendly prices.

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