‘Let your food speak for itself’, goes the saying. But what your staff and you say is just as important. A healthy, positive vibe in your café can go a long way. When your staff are known to be friendly and courteous, customers look forward to the experience more. That’s the reputation you’ll want spreading around UrbanSpoon, Yelp and other social media sites.

Having a responsive approach can also help smoothen down that irate customer who didn’t get his latte fast enough. Great customer service is expected from any venue that serves great tasting food.

During the rush of service, it’s challenging for your staff to respond to every gripe with a cool head, understanding and a smile. But, there are a few things you can do to make sure they have the right attitude.

Establish a customer service policy in your café that has guidelines and practices that every employee must follow. This could be as simple as greeting every customer with a smile or addressing regulars by name.  

Reward your staff for good customer service. Either with time off, or recognition. It keeps them motivated and serves as an example to others.   

Add a little financial incentive. It doesn’t hurt to place a tip jar at the counter. It’s nice to head home with a little extra cash, feeling that your good work pays off.

Lead by example. Your employees watch you. So, following your own rules is the first step to creating a cheery workplace culture. Your friendly, positive attitude will reflect on your staff. In turn, this will help build your reputation and bring smiles to your customer’s faces.

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