Posted on Wednesday, 18th October, 2019

With the industry expected to see a revenue growth of 4.6% annually over the next five years to $6.3 billion, Café culture has never been more vibrant and exciting in New Zealand.

Cafés are a key feature of our social fabric and may have been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean your favourite corner coffeeshop can resist the waves of innovation. Savvy operators know that even great coffee and food might not be enough to survive, let alone grow, in an increasingly competitive market.

Café operators are more aware than ever that innovation is essential to their continued success. One such operator, Bitton Café, has managed to thrive for nearly 20 years by looking beyond just serving a good cuppa.

To keep their customers hungry for more, Bitton Café does pop-up lunch and dinner menus that give customers something interesting to look forward to. And when popular demand grew for the jams on their menu, Bitton Café recognised the opportunity to launch their own range of gourmet food products and diversify their source of income.

Diversification is another avenue

Rather than just attracting casual diners, some cafés are opening up their space to artists, entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers. By leveraging their ready space and more social environment to double as co-creative or co-working spaces, these cafés can generate extra revenue especially during leaner hours.

This positioning also helps cafés to become a part of the local community, further differentiating their brand and strengthening customer loyalty.


Watch as David Bitton of Bitton Café shares his approach to innovation and diversifying income streams.

David Bitton