Chances are you’ve read the title and either let out a sigh of relief or rolled your eyes in exasperation. Compared to many of the other responsibilities that come with a café, recruiting the right staff definitely tops the list – especially as the success of your café depends on them.

We know it can be very difficult to find and keep good people. That doesn't mean that you have to hire the first person who walks through the door. You owe yourself and your customer more.

Here's a list of best practices for hiring right and keeping staff happy:

Look in the right places

A window sign might seem like a good option but may not attract the right talent. Customers or casual passers-by may not be the right choice for your café. Consider recruitment websites, put an ad on your website and social media or hire an apprentice.

Barista Wanted

Here are a few resources for hiring an apprentice:

Go pro

Get professional help. A trained HR operative will be able to tell you where to put your job ads and what to ask to find the right talent. 

With the right advice and hiring strategy, you'll be able to make your expectations and job criteria very clear – reducing the risk of staff starting work with the wrong impression of what’s required.

Throw in an incentive

If you can pay well – awesome! If not, consider offering a small bonus or a slight raise when a worker hits a milestone – such as being with you for 12 or 18 months.

It doesn't have to be all about money. Offering discounted or free meals for staff on shift is a big bonus. You could also give them a weekend off if they meet working targets. As an ongoing incentive, you can offer small rewards for staff who impress you and your customers.

Be the example

As the face of your café, it’s important for your staff to be happy and friendly. So lead by example and walk the talk. To quote a cliché, ‘be the change you want to see’.

If your staff love working for and with you, they’ll take a personal interest in your café and stay on longer – especially if you’re a fair and flexible employer.

Good workers are a café owner's dream come true. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra effort to make sure you find people who will make your café a great place for customers and staff alike.

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