Ingredients per serve



Serving Suggestion

  • Grilled Vegetables, To Serve
  • Garden Salad, To Serve
  • Minted Yoghurt, To Serve

Luscious slow cooked lamb shoulder is made even more delicious if marinated inKNORR Patak's Tandoori Paste. The subtle smoky flavour of the lamb is complemented by serving with a fragrantKNORR Patak's Tikka Masala Sauce.



  1. Method

    • Combine Knorr Patak’s Tandoori Paste, yoghurt and oil. Spread over lamb and marinate for several hours or overnight.
    • Place lamb in large baking trays and cover well with foil. Cook in a combi oven at 160°C for 4-5 hours. Uncover, increase heat to 180°C and cook for further 30 minutes until well browned. Remove and allow to cool slightly before roughly shredding the meat off the bone. Set aside.
    • Meanwhile heat Knorr Patak’s Tikka Masala Sauce in a large saucepan over medium heat. Simmer for 5 minutes then stir in cream and simmer until slightly reduced.
  2. Serving Suggestion

    • Serve lamb with tikka masala sauce, accompanied with grilled vegetables, garden salad and minted yoghurt.