Ingredients per serve



Serving Suggestions

  • Steamed Vegetables Or Side Salad, To Serve

A great spin on the traditional - adding KNORR Tomato Powder to the schnitzel breadcrumbs gives an unexpected hint of zest.



  1. Method

    • Combine breadcrumbs and KNORR Tomato Powder in a bowl. Toss pork steaks in flour, dip in egg-wash (eggs lightly beaten with 75 ml water) then coat in crumb mixture. Place on a baking tray, cover and chill.
    • Make salsa to serve by combining tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar. Set aside.
    • Heat oil in a large frying pan and cook schnitzels until golden and cooked through. Drain.
  2. Serving Suggestions

    • Serve schnitzels topped with a spoonful of salsa and a side salad or steamed vegetables.
  3. Tip

    • Stir basil through salsa just before serving to avoid it turning brown.
  4. Kitchen Hint

    • Try serving with rich gravy made with the addition of KNORR Tomato Powder.
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