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Modern diners still love the Classics, but their expectations are now insansely high. Gone are the days when you could throw a frozen schnitzel in the fryer and expect your customers to be impressed.

The focus is now on getting creative and presenting familiar favourites in fresh and mind-blowing ways. Massive flavours, imaginative execution and unexpected personal touches are what diners and their stomachs are going mad for.

Classic steaks, schnitzels, roasts, pies, sides and gravies are all up for reinvention, and the only limit is your creativity. See how far you can go, even with Gluten Free orders!

Trends come and go, but the one constant has got to be a big, beautiful steak!

Getting creative with cuts, cooking and sauces can push your steak offering to a whole new level of succulence. 

If your menu looks a bit sad and you can’t figure out why, then look at the sides selection on your menu and ask yourself, do I love my sides as much as the rest of my menu?

Beer and food pairing is all the go at the moment, but what can you suggest to your GF customers to compliment your reinvented Classic dishes?

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