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Who doesn’t love their Classics dripping with smooth, rich and indulgent gravy? We reckon it’s the gravy that makes a classic. 

So, how do you pump out full-on mouth-watering Classics and still keep your GF diners part of the fun?

We know GF can be a pain, so KNORR’s New Rich Brown Gravy has been reinvented to make life back of house a little less hectic.

Once thought to be impossible, we’ve nailed a gluten-free gravy which keeps the rich, meaty taste and smooth, velvety consistency you’ll want to serve to all your diners.

Gluten-free. No more compromise.

  • Just mix with hot water and simmer. 
  • Feel free to add your own ingredients and flavours at any time.

It’s also Bain Marie stable, freeze/thaw stable, has low skin formation and no ugly lumps!

  • Smooth texture with a great gloss and sheen that holds well.
  • Use as a classic gravy or as a base to create your signature dishes.
  • Completely gluten free, without compromising taste or texture, to suit all your customers.
  • Dissolves easily & is quick to prepare.

Check out our recipes which happen to be all GF, for some awesome ideas on how to go beyond a simple gravy that keeps all your diners happily licking their fingers.

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