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The monotony of cook, rinse, sleep, repeat can mean inspiration in the kitchen sometimes runs low. But there are plenty of people out there doing great things with food that can help kick your imagination into gear.

  • Social media: Chefs are all over social, providing tips, showing off plating, talking about seasonal produce, recommending suppliers. Follow the Chefs you have always been inspired by both locally as well as more broadly. Also keep in touch on social media with your suppliers to keep up-to-date on produce, discounts and recipe suggestions.
  • Ingredients: Do your research and talk with suppliers about what produce they have. Stray from your usual order where possible. Pick a couple of ingredients you don't usually use and experiment with them.
  • Other Chefs: Get friendly with other Chefs and talk shop. Over some beers of course.
  • Travel: Use your much earned time off (when you get it) to travel and eat out. Chefs are constantly inspired by travel and cuisines they don't cook in their own kitchen. Take notes, pictures and speak to the restaurants you visit - as long as you can speak the local 
  • Your team: Both those senior and junior to you are in the industry because they love food just as much as you do. Listen to suggestions, and encourage innovation in the kitchen.

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