Posted on Thursday, 19th May, 2022

The classics are calling

With cooler months approaching, the appeal of familiar dishes and reliable recipes takes hold. Against a backdrop of an uncertain world in 2022, diners have embraced comfort food for its ability to evoke memories of simpler times. The challenge for chefs is to breathe new life into these classic dishes.

The classics are calling
Simplicity and flavour are the focus

Simplicity and flavour are the focus

Dishes of braised ingredients and oven-baked trays remind us of days when the kitchen at home was filled with the aroma of cooking. Chefs are finding new ways to bring these dependable favourites back to the table with contemporary twists that retain the crucial characteristics of simplicity, familiarity and flavour.

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The art of braising

Deliver perfectly pulled meat every single time with this Braising technique, which adds juicy flavour to your favourite appetisers and salads.

Slow-cooked Mexican beef cheeks

Our simple recipe for Slow-cooked Mexican beef cheeks adds a gentle, spicy mix for a fresh, new direction.

Miso and honey braised lamb with pearl barley

A contemporary Asian take on a classic braised lamb dish, our Miso and honey braised lamb with pearl barley features a healthy, on-trend twist.

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