Posted on Thursday, 24th March, 2022

An area ripe for exploration

Of all the current flavour-based trends emerging across Australia and New Zealand, matching sweet with savoury ingredients is one most interesting. Research shows that compatibility at a molecular level is the reason unexpected food pairings just seem to work.

An area ripe for exploration
Putting exciting pairings into practice

Putting exciting pairings into practice

While food scientists work to unpack why some quirky food pairings are so successful, any backyard barbeque warrior can tell you that a sweet glaze will bring the savoury taste of ribs to life. Ribs naturally absorb the flavours of marinades and sauces, so they’re a great way to explore the sweet-meets-savoury trend.

KNORR Sweet Thai Chilli Jam

A traditional Thai sweet chilli paste made with fresh shallots and garlic, fried and blended with chillies and shrimps to produce a full-flavoured aromatic ingredient that is perfect with vegetables, meat or seafood.

KNORR Sweet Thai Chilli Jam
Sous-vide Ribs


Inventive Riffs on Ribs

We show you a sous-vide method to achieve juicy and tender ribs, then three lip-smacking glazes for the perfect finish.

Sticky Asian Lamb Ribs

Deliver a deliciously sweet take on chargrilled ribs with our Sticky Asian Lamb Ribs recipe.

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