You don't need to be a food critic to know that giving customers a memorable café experience is more than what's on your menu. As a matter of fact, delicious décor is as important as what you serve. 

Whether you’re building a café from scratch, revamping some tired decor or just adding a few artistic touches, here’s a selection of the most popular interior trends:

Industry theme

Pared back interiors are 'in' right now. This is great news because it means you can use basic materials to update your café without breaking the bank.

Recycled wood, corrugated iron, milk crates and wooden pallets are things you can use to create tables, chairs and features. Just make sure everything is sanded back – splinters are never in fashion!

Mismatched furniture

Indulge your inner forager and scout local second hand stores and antique dealers for cool, funky chairs that look good together without being part of a set. It might take a little bit of painting and upholstery but you can get a very hip vibe going. Bring uniformity by matching colour or by giving each chair a similar cushion.

You can do the same with crockery – mix and match fun colours that liven up your café.

Fresh flowers

Flowers give your café an instant facelift. You don't have to spend hundreds a week on fresh bunches, even a few sprigs here and there can make a difference. If you have a lovely native bush on your property you could take a few sprays, sparingly, when in bloom and bring the outdoors inside.

Go dark

Black, grey and brown paint have made their way into the mainstream in recent years. For a fun twist, go for blackboard paint and write your specials or put a daily quote on the wall. Increase illumination by installing trendy pendant lights that enhance the ambience as well.

Make it artsy

Local artists will jump at the chance to display their work on your walls, if it means they might be able to make some sales. Choose artists that suit the theme of your café, be it a beachside venue, an urban eatery or a place with a tropical vibe.

A great idea is to come to an arrangement that gives part of the proceeds of the sale to a local charity or sporting group.

Your café is a reflection of you, so don't be afraid to have a little fun with the decor to add some character to it.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at this:

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