Salad. It sounds simple, but it ain't always so! This is sure to be one of them.

It’s just chopped veggies tossed in sauce with a new ‘in’gredient – either the new hipster fav or a fad that’s passing through. Right?

Wrong! And you know it.

So, if you want your café to serve salads that keep your customers coming back for second serves, these three tips will help heaps:

Dress ‘em up

No one likes to be served a salad that looks like an oil slick happened in the kitchen or get a bowl of lettuce that’s as dry as the Australian Outback.

Find the balance by drizzling a delicious, consistent dressing over salad – making it a main or a side to savour. Perfecting the dressing makes a big difference and will have your customer's coming back for more.

Salads rake in the $$$

I’m sure your eyes lit up when you read that. Because $$$ means more money in the till and more to go around. It’s true. And the reason is because there’s generally very little cooking involved and minimum prep involving inexpensive, yet tasty and healthy ingredients. In fact, ‘gourmet’ salads and ‘healthy’ options are now a staple on any menu.

Seasonal and fresh

One sure-fire way to make your salads lose their mojo is by making them out of the same old, same old (yeah twice for emphasis) ingredients. There's a galaxy of beautiful salad ‘greens’ on the market today but they're not just green. They range in colour from purple to yellow, and red. 

In fact, so many salad green varieties abound, that lettuce, once a salad staple, is now just the tip of the iceberg. We’re getting good at this! All we’re suggesting is that you use seasonal produce and a beautiful dressing, and cash in on the trend! 

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