A smooth-running kitchen is like making your signature dish… it doesn’t just happen. It takes time, planning, preparation and attention. And then some. Get it in order and you’ve got a good thing going.

Quote on the back of house

Here are a few ways to put your kitchen into turbo mode:

Simplify your menu

Long menus can be confusing. Start simple and concentrate on quality produce cooked well. You and your team will be more efficient, your diners will be happy and you’ll waste less.


With your front of house. They need to be delivering food on time to your customers to avoid confusion and congestion. Plus, you don't want anything dying on the pass.

And your back of house as well. Coordination is essential for any busy kitchen where there are multiple cooks in charge of different dishes and components.

Keep a tab on waste
Plate waste

Conduct regular food wastage audits on your kitchen to make sure waste is kept to a minimum.

Use more ready-made

Incorporate ready-made ingredients wherever you can to reduce making everything from scratch. This will minimise mistakes as well.

Give yourself time to prepare

Prep as much as you can beforehand to make the process smoother when service time comes along.

Keep stress under control

Don't stretch yourself too thin. You’ll perform better and stay sane.


Put systems in place to ensure your kitchen is organised. Organisation doesn't kill creativity in the kitchen. In fact, it does the opposite by giving you the time to experiment.

Carry out your own food wastage audit to learn how to be more efficient reduce waste.