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Sandwiches are a much-loved favourite with Aged Care residents all year round. Whether as light dinner option, morning or afternoon tea, they provide more than nutrition and energy for the body, they can also bring back great memories.  

Innovative techniques and creative vision have sparked an explosion in new textured modification meal inspiration. Moulds, gels and thickening agents are bringing old favourites, like the sandwich back on the menu.

Hard to believe, but the humble sandwich can be a texture-modified hero dish. Innovative Aged Care Chefs are taking on the challenge and perfecting the art of shaping pureed foods into realistic-looking sandwiches using gels and moulding techniques.

With the help of shaping moulds, sandwiches can be recreated as minced and moist and even pureed versions, complete with bread and delicious fillings. With a wide variety of filling options that meet the texture modified guidelines, you can create an ever-changing, exciting sandwich menu to suit all texture modified diets.  

Here are some sandwich ideas for all levels of texture modification your residents will love.

Soft Texture

To achieve a soft texture, use fresh soft bread with crusts removed.

For the filling: try soft texture foods such as curried egg, mashed tuna, shaved ham with mayonnaise, cottage cheese mashed together with avocado or smashed kidney beans.  

For something different, try sushi sandwiches with rice, avocado and shredded salmon filling. Add a flavoursome sauce such as KNORR Sakims Teriyaki Soy Sauce for extra moisture and softening.

Minced and Moist Texture

For this texture, the bread should have crusts removed and be lightly soaked in milk to make moist.

For the filling: very soft, moist fillings such as roast vegetable medley mash with soft pumpkin, eggplant, carrot, zucchini and roasted capsicums (skins removed); hummus or baba ganoush are great alternatives.

Mix and match for extra nutrition: ricotta or cream cheese with mashed avocado (ripe), eggs mashed with mayonnaise. Try HELLMANN'S Real Mayonnaise instead of butter to help keep food soft and filled with flavour. 

Pureed Texture

Bread is soaked and pureed. Add a thickening agent to set 5mm thick then cut into triangles to form a classic sandwich shape.

For the filling: fillings can be any combination, pureed, thickened and shaped into moulds, to form thin slices. Place the pureed slices between two bread triangles. Try a mousse of smoked salmon with cream cheese, chicken with cucumber and avocado or a Mediterranean-flavoured sandwich. Creamy mayonnaise or mustard will complement classic sandwich flavours and can be used as a finishing touch.    

Try COLMAN'S Dijon Mustard for a flavour punch! 

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