Traditional dishes and flavours have the power to transport people to another time and place. With aged care residents, it reminds them of their younger days and the food they used to eat at home, and they love their comfort foods.

Keeping the menu varied is as important as sticking to traditional favourites, to keep the residents happy. Reinventing classic dishes by adding small twists is often the best way to keep the balance right.

Adding a cultural twist to a classic dish is a simple & creative way to keep the dish exciting for those residents that prefer familiar favourites, at the same time a resident of that cultural background may find the new dish a delicious comfort food from their past. By blending familiar and nutritionally-balanced dishes with interesting cultural flavours and ingredients, residents can enjoy new (or old) tastes while still getting the recommended nutritional intake. 

KNORR cooking sauces and pastes help aged care Chefs add interesting flavour combinations as well as moisture to meals.

Varying the amount of KNORR sauce or paste used in a recipe or combining the latter with another commonly used base sauce such as gravy or Napolitana, Chefs can achieve moderate to very mild flavour profiles, for some of your less adventurous residents. 

Watch our Executive Chef, Mark Baylis, demonstrating easy and delicious sauce combination ideas and download our sauce ideas’ brochure here:

Chef Mark Baylis


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Classic recipes with a twist


Here are also some ideas to transform familiar favourites to their more exciting counterparts, specifically developed to meet the nutritional needs of Aged Care residents.

This Mediterranean take on a traditional breakfast favourite of scrambled eggs on toast - Spanish Omelette - will make a delicious light evening meal thanks to a combination of fresh, seasonal broccoli, steamed potatoes and white fish fillets with KNORR Hollandaise Gluten Free Sauce that makes the eggs smoother & creamier for your residents.

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Turn a simple steamed fish fillet and vegetables into a fragrant and delicious South Asian-inspired hot pot. By combining KNORR Chinese Lemon Sauce and KNORR Coconut powder to make the cooking sauce, this dish has a mild flavour to suit all tastes.

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Chicken Casserole is a staple in aged care. By adding a mild Indian-style coconut and turmeric sauce made with KNORR Patak’s Korma Sauce and KNORR Coconut Powder, this curry-style casserole is aromatic and delicious. 

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Those who always had a roast for Sunday lunch will enjoy this meatloaf full of Sunday roast flavour, served with a sweet potato mash and delicious gravy. Meatloaf is much-loved by Aged Care residents and is easy to chew and swallow. 

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A dish of meatballs is almost synonymous with aged care due to its many virtues: mince is usually more affordable, its soft texture is great for residents with chewing difficulties, it lends itself to combining with many different sauces and condiments for a new twist each time.

This recipe of Braised Lamb Rissoles and Mongolian Sauce has been a winner for many chefs.

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A different take on roasted veg is the popular Canadian Poutine, which combines roasted potato, pumpkin and carrot & is served with gravy and cheese. You could also use baked beetroot and sweet potato when in season. This recipe uses mushrooms with the gravy for a popular flavour with residents.

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