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There’s a whole world of steak cuts out there, some more common than others. Many cuts are popular for a reason, while some are just getting the recognition they deserve. Here’s just a few that offer a range of flavour, tenderness and texture.


Flat iron steak is produced by seaming the whole oyster blade. Named for it’s square shape, flat iron is packed with flavour and tenderness. Can get tough so is best cooked rare to medium-rare.


As the name suggests this is the ‘cap’ that sits on top of the ‘heart’ of the rump. Rich in fat and robust flavours, this juicy piece of beef is great on the charcoal grill, but is also commonly slow roasted. 


NY, Kansas City, porterhouse, strip, sirloin, striploin etc, etc. The steak with a confusing amount of names also has many benefits such as tenderness, fat content and versatility. Flame grill or pan fry.


The choice of the true beef lover, as you get a striploin and a tenderloin on either side, and who doesn’t love meat cooked on the bone? A thick king-cut T just means more of everything. Cooks well on the charcoal grill, but is also great slow-smoked for steak perfection.


This one is all about tenderness, as this muscle doesn’t get used as much and is pretty lean. Season well, charcoal grill or pan-fry, and punch up with a killer sauce and some creative, tasty sides. 

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