If your menu looks a bit sad and you can’t figure out why, then look at the sides selection on your menu and ask yourself, do I love my sides as much as the rest of my menu?

If you look and only see chips and salad, it’s time to give yourself a good talking to! Your customers love selection, it makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside and shows that you care about them.

So go on, get inventive! Use these ideas to get the sparks flying.

You will sleep well at night knowing you gave everything you had for your sides.

If you can’t be bothered to make nice smooth mash, stop half way through mashing, then call it hash. Give it a little pan fry. Easy!

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Beans and chips are a similar shape but one’s better for you. Start a revolution and sell more greens on your menu, BEGINNING with this awesome bean side dish.

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Be nice to your cauliflower. Hug it, kiss it, don’t murder it by boiling it to death! A quick session in the frying pan with some super tasty spicy sauce. Now that is showing the love.

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