Communicate quality in your business

Here are some ideas to help you demonstrate your commitment to quality.

Feature fresh ingredients – state if your salad is served with a citrus dressing or a
vinaigrette made with Modena balsamic vinegar. It will let your customers know you are concerned with every little detail as well as the overall quality of your menu.

Local produce – if you are using a local ingredient state where it is from or even the farm who supplied the produce. This demonstrates your restaurants commitment to quality and sustainability.

Free range – if you are using free range chicken or mayonnaise, tell people about it. You will be able to charge a premium and will communicate your values.

Be proud of ingredients – if your tomato sauce is made using sustainably grown tomatoes, or you serve Rainforest Alliance tea and coffee have a section on your menu about your commitment to using sustainable products.

Introduce some theatre – for example serve sauce in a separate jug then pour onto the meal once you have served to the customer. Serve signature dishes on a sizzler or steak on a hot stone.

Empower knowledgeable staff – make sure your FOH staff are well briefed on all the dishes and can talk about them confidently, helping them feel empowered to sell them up.

Case Study

A passion for quality: Emiliano Restaurant, Brazil

For José Barattino and the team at Emiliano in São Paulo the quality of the restaurant is intrinsically linked to their commitment to fresh sustainable ingredients.

The restaurant has built up numerous partnerships with small, local, food producers who directly supply fresh seasonal ingredients, including vegetables, dairy products, sugar, rum and organic wines.

Importantly, Emiliano has taken the leap to communicate these local suppliers and ingredients directly to guests on the menus.


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